Demo Guide & Video Series for F5 Distributed Cloud Network Connect (Multi-Cloud Networking)

Exploring the core networking use-cases for F5 Distributed Cloud, the following demo guide and 3-part video series shows how to connect sample networks at Layer 3 (L3) and a sample application using Layer 7 (L7).

If you've ever come across one of our Distributed Cloud, multi-cloud solutions and thought about trying it out for yourself but lack some of the precursor tools or awareness to do it, then this demo guide and video series is perfect for you. This shows every step to deploy a modern app in multiple cloud locations and make it available using the Distributed Cloud L7 HTTP LB, and also the L3 transit global network.

Before going through the steps yourself, watch this 3-part video series illustrating the process in each location.

Video: Module 1 - Distributed Cloud L7 Networking to AWS


Video: Module 2 - Distributed Cloud L7 Networking to Azure


Video: Module 3 - Distributed Cloud L3 between AWS and Azure via Global Network


Ready to get your hands on? The following GitHub repository contains all the scripts and instructions performed in the videos above.


Deploying modern applications with services running in multiple locations and on different cloud providers is straight forward with Distributed Cloud Platform services. HTTP LB makes connects apps direct at the L7 Application Layer, and L3 transit routing via the Global Network makes it possible for apps to connect directly between multiple cloud locations.


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Published Feb 07, 2023
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