F5 Synthesis: The Reference Architectures

The next-generation App-Focused, Solution Driven model for supporting all of your business applications. 

Your business uses countless applications in a given day. At F5, we built a reputation as an industry leader by helping organizations deliver the most secure, fast, and reliable applications to anyone anywhere at any time. Our pioneering focus on application services gives us a unique advantage in designing the solutions that drive business forward.

F5 Synthesis isn’t built on new products and features. It’s built on comprehensive solutions. We took a big-picture look at the trends affecting businesses today—from security to mobility to performance and beyond—and designed architectures that pull together specific device, network and application scenarios to help you better identify and understand which solutions meet your network needs.

  • The F5 Synthesis architectural vision helps customer improve service velocity and accelerate time to market through automated provisioning and intelligent service orchestration of application services.
  • The F5 Synthesis elastic, high-performance services fabric reduces the cost and complexity of deploying software defined application services (SDAS) across all types of systems and environments, including software defined networks (SDN), virtual infrastructures, and cloud.
  • F5’s prescriptive reference architectures, optimized licensing models, and deployment options give organizations the tools to align services with user and business expectations for applications, overcoming persistent IT challenges around availability, optimization, security, and mobility.

Here are the Architectural overview videos of the F5 Synthesis Reference Architectures





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Published Nov 11, 2013
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