Deploy the NGINX Modern Apps Reference Architecture locally

The NGINX Modern Apps Reference Architecture (MARA) project is now available, to run locally, on MicroK8s.
In the detailed article, posted at, you will find HowTo steps to deploy MARA using NGINX OSS and NGINX Ingress Controller, including how to deal with resource constraints.

Why MicroK8s?

MicroK8s provides the DNS, storage, and egress capabilities that MARA needs, in an easy-to-deploy model with a low memory footprint. With MicroK8s, we can easily and repeatedly iterate through testing scenarios to determine the minimum requirements for deployments delivering reasonable levels of performance.

More info on GitHub

Our expectation is that this work will facilitate the testing of other Kubernetes distributions; for information about the current status of various distributions, see our GitHub repo.
If you have a favorite distribution you want to see on the list, we invite you to fork, test, and create pull requests!

Updated Jun 01, 2022
Version 3.0

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