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Jun 01, 2023

what happens to connection when failover happens from active to standby

when primary f5 (active ) failover to secondary (standby)  does F5 send rst packet to connection on previoulsy active primary f5 or does it siliently close the connection .



PSilva JRahm 

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  • Hi reddev12

    My explnatation hasn't relied on evidence but first what does ( Traffic RSTs or Silent drops ) mean for you ? 

    I believe the traffic will timeout and dropped silently let we return to the pure HA , Failover event triggers when the Active node become inoperative or down something like person ride a bike and crashed into wall , what i mean the Active unit at failover like a wall can't do anything to traffic anymore , so what I think how inoperative device " like a wall " could take an action of resetting the Traffic , so I tend to the packets will be timing out and dropped not resetted. 

    That's from my perspective.

  • reddev12 This is a fairly loaded question because of the different configuration pieces you can have for HA but the short answer is most likely the connections will timeout and drop. If you have an environment that you are concerned about I would recommend scheduling failover testing and then perform a failover event to see what happens and how long it takes to recover from it. Most people never test failover so they have no clue what to expect or even if failover will happen correctly.