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May 03, 2024

rewrite Azure AD response for portal access via web portal

Hi All,

I have a web portal where access to it is done via SAML authentication with AzureAD.

I have a portal access called VIP_Maintenance configured on this we portal, the APP VIP_Maintenance is a web site on this web server ( which also configured for SAML authentication. This web server hosts multiple web sites, so the one for VIP_Maintenance is ( Other resource is /signin-wsfederation, this is where I should land after the successful authentication with Microsoft.

So when I try to access to the web portal using my user name and password, F5 sends the request to AzureAD and I receive a code on my cell phone which I enter and access is granted.

Now when I click on the portal access icon (VIP_maintenance), the web portal rewrites the request to this:$$/azure

then I see my browser communicating with Microsoftonline for authentication and I see the reply from AzureAD like this:

right after, the url changes to this : https://, and I get an error this this page cannot be reached which is understood as is not exposed to internet.

Now, what I need to do is to make F5 rewrite the response from Microsoft in to this url:$$/ signin-wsfederation , instead of https://

Any Idea how I can achieve that?

Your help is highly appreciated.