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Apr 07, 2022

SSL VPN question

Hello all new to the form but have a question on ssl vpn config

have a f5 with vpn floating ip set and these are the defualt gateways

created a new vlan and interface of gw this is what we would like to use as the source ip for ssl traffic using a pool the up stream router already points to the pool is this doable 

there is a route in the f5 to point the pool ip to  the address all other routing points to the floating ip





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  • As a note this is just tryinh to prevent any asymetric data flow for the vpn

  • how to use the thrid floating ip to be the source for all vpn traffic. not the  other floating ip addresses?


    • Hi,

      You can create a Snat pool and then assign it to the Virtual Server. for the source addr translation, you can follow the steps in the next link:

      By default when you configure automap, the system use the Float IPs but you can modify this behavior assigning a Snat pool and forcing the VS use this IP to deliver the traffic.