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Jun 18, 2011

source_address persistance question

having a VIP with source_addr persistence


what we are wanting to do:


if address hits the VIP then we want source_addr persistence, but any other source address falls to default or round robin on the pool members.


do we need iRule for this or is there some way to configure it with profiles?



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  • can u try this?



    [root@tulip:Active] config b virtual bar list


    virtual bar {


    snat automap


    pool foo




    ip protocol tcp


    rules myrule




    [root@tulip:Active] config b rule myrule list


    rule myrule {




    if {[IP::addr [IP::remote_addr] equals]} {


    persist source_addr









    persist wiki

  • thanks for your response will give it a try, and thanks for the wiki link.
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    What nitass is saying is correct. Basically if you set up your virtual to have no persistence enabled, then put an iRule in place to selectively enable persistence for whatever inbound client IPs you want, you can achieve selective persistence. It's pretty straight forward, but if you run into any problems or have any questions, ask here and I'm sure someone will jump on them for you.