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Apr 04, 2023

Re activate license failed


when i try to re activate my licence on F5 big ip x2600 i get this error "The configuration has not yet loaded.if this message persists, it may indicate a configuration problem."

Someone can help me to resolve this issue?


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  • Hello,

    I remark this error only when i want to re active the license.I also do the manual method and still the same thing.

    I apply the mode on K13223635 but when i try to re active is the same error who is displayed

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      David_226 If that's the case you might try contacting F5 and providing them with a QKVIEW with the ticket.

  • Hi David_226 - I marked the reply from Paulius as an Accepted Solution because it indicates best practices. Were you able to get everything working again, or do you need to call F5 Support for help?