Getting Started with BIG-IP Next: Licensing Instances in Central Manager

This article assumes that the license was not applied during the initial instance setup.

Download the JSON Web Token from MyF5

I don't have a paid license, so I'm going to use my trial license available at MyF5. Your mileage may vary here. Go to my products & plans, trials, and then in the my trials listing (assuming you've requested/received one) click BIG-IP Next.

Click downloads and licenses (note, however, the helpful list of resources down in guides and references).

You can just copy your JSON web token, but I chose to download.

Install the Token

Login to Central Manager and click manage instances.

Click on your new unlicensed instance.

In the left-hand menu at the bottom, click License.

Click activate license.

We already downloaded our token, so after reviewing the information, click next. Note that I made sure that my Central Manager has access to the licensing server and the steps covered in this article assume the same. If you've managed classic BIG-IP licenses, copying and pasting dossiers to get licenses should be a well-understood process.

On this screen, paste your token into the box, give it a name, and click activate.

After a brief interrogation of the licensing server,  you should now have a healthy, licensed, BIG-IP Next Instance!


How to: Manage BIG-IP Next instance licenses

Published Feb 15, 2024
Version 1.0

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  • What is the address of the licensing server? as need to open the firewall to allow access.
    Also what is the method to validate license where no Internat Acess is allowed? 

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      Hi Charles_Harding good questions, let me find those answers and a) get back to you and b) update the article, that's important information.

    • JRahm's avatar
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      proxy methods are coming; I'm told there are methods with the API for disconnected mode, but I don't have details for that yet. Taking a wireshark capture, the process to connect to licensing server in DNS lookups:

      CM -> 
         -> CNAME 
         -> CNAME 
         -> A

      I'll update article after I have concrete details.

  • It has been 1 week and I still don't have a trial license approved.



    Pending approval

    Trial fulfillment on hold, pending approval from F5 Inc.


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      glad that got worked out, sorry it took as long as it did...

  • So what are the ports and ip addresses that are needed opened thru the firewall?  The disconnected method is not working. :(