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Mar 07, 2011

irule for bandwidth alert or active connection alert

I'm hoping that someone can help me out with this. Is there a way to write an irule to send out a notification if we reach 10megs throughput? or 11k sessions? just a simple e-mail?


i know it shows up on the performance menu but it would be great to setup like a threshold or notification when it gets to a certain point.



Has anyone ever accomplished this? Or can help?







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  • The only option I can think of for an iRule would be to keep track of sessions but even that would likely create a log message that you'd still have to leverage snmp or syslog to alert on.



    I do similar monitoring but use SNMP polling to alert. Is that an option for you?
  • I'm not totally clear on the use case, but it sounds like you're looking for a box-total style alert. If so, look here for starters:




    -and for custom traps,




    If you're looking for per-connection information you may consider the TCP::bandwidth command from an iRule.