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Apr 10, 2023

How to block web site technologies information with ASM/Advance WAF


How can we block what technologies are used on our website on ASM to protect web-sites like


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  • Hi pinkzeppelin,

    it is difficult to block sites like builtwith or wappalyzer from profiling your web application.
    builtwith offers a site for removing your site data: 
    wappalyzer offers some guidance how to hide the technologies you are using from their scanner:

    Also F5 offers some guidance and also some information on why it is difficult to hide your technology: K35304481: Is there any way to prevent ''Wappalyzer'' from detecting my server technology by F5 ASM? 

    These tools are often using your browser for profiling the technologies of a website. Webservers, frameworks and CMS can be easily identified by Headers, file extensions or cookies. You cannot identify these tools by their user-agent or source IPs. Best you can do is to hide and obfuscate your technology stack.


  • Question is not clear. what you wanted to block. Share more details for help

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    Daniel_Wolf Irule can not help in this case?

    Irule to inspect the HTTP headers of incoming requests and blocking any requests that contain information about specific technologies.

    • I would not know how iRules can help. Both, wappalyzer and builtwith, either come as a browser plugin or they offer an API.

      The browser plugin creates a profile of your web application and its technologies from the HTTP responses that your browser gets, it does not add extra requests or headers. You won't even notice that a visitor has it installed in his or her browser.

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        OK need to test then with few cases in hand