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Aug 02, 2023

F5 BIG-IP Boot location


if I have two boot locations on my F5 BIG-IP as in the below screenshot and need to change the active one from HD1.1 To HD1.2, my question her if I make this lead to  lose the configuration or not,



  • If you're asking whether or not you make a new boot location, no. You don't make a new boot location. You just complete the upgrade process, which creates the boot location as part of the process:

    If you're asking whether or not your config is transferred over, it should be. If it's not, often times that's because the license was not reactivated, prior to that reboot, and there were new system elemnts that rely on things like new default licensing.

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  • I think you're asking if you will lose your configuration if you boot to the new Boot Location.

    No. The upgrade process (brief overview):

    1. Creates a new volume in the VG on the hard disk.
    2. Install the newest software on the new volume.
    3. Back up your running config.
    4. Install it on the new volume.
    5. Reboot to new volume.
    6. If all good, keep, else revert to old volume.
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      Thanks for your information. but as I know when we make an upgrade we must check on the service license check and check license date if the service license check is earlier that the license check date it automatically transfers the configuration after you boot the new volume that contains the new version 

      is that correct as I understand 

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        You have an EXCELLENT point. BEFORE you do the steps I've included above, you should re-activate your license so that you have the latest licensed features, as well.

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