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May 10, 2024

Issue on license renewal

Hello Dears


I get this reply from F5 team regarding to licenses for two F5 boxes :


Sometimes, there are special circumstances when our customers will ask to have add on modules/ add on keys retired. Usually this is from applying the same type of key twice to the same unit on accident, or applying it to the wrong unit overall on accident. When this has occurred, we are here to help out with retiring them and getting a new 0$ order processed for the key or keys, that were misapplied.

However, there is a time limit on when this can be done. Retirement can only be achieved within a 2 to 3 week period when it was originally applied or the request will be rejected by our IT department. We cannot just move add on keys around because our customer wants us to, this is in the EULA when you activate the license. In order to move an add on module you need to have a legitimate issue with the add on key, i.e. you activated two of the same add on keys on the same device, but it still has to be within that timeframe.

We can start the process to retire the add ons key. To better assist you, please share with us a list of specific add on keys that needs to be retired. If your request is rejected, we will need to forward your request to our Sales support team to explore what other options you may have to get this resolved from a sales aspect such as purchasing new keys, what else can be done, terms of the EULA, etc.

We encourage you to follow the steps in article K34948229: Add-on license keys can only be activated on one device.

Rafael Fernandez  |   Tech support coordinator II

could anyone explain more to me ?

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  • MustphaBassim   Hello,  


    Are you able to provide a little more background to the original request.  License renewal and addon keys are a little different subject.