Value-added strategic partnerships: increase efficiency through manageability

In today's interconnected and globalized world, it is more important than ever that IT infrastructure components interact to optimise the data centre. There is good business logic for this; better usage and collaboration means operating and capital expenditure costs are reduced, and this chimes well with the ‘do more with less’ mantra so popular in boardrooms throughout Europe currently.

This efficiency drive means many IT business unit managers have to be creative in order to drive the business forward with the same or fewer resources. There are many ways to get to a goal, but one of the more obvious ones is to optimise what you already have and make sure that you are going to be able to use it for the foreseeable future.  This is as true for IT as it is for machinery to manufacture footwear or the system you have for answering the phones.

Manageability is therefore becoming a key word in IT.  That’s not to say it' has been overlooked up to now, but it is much more important than it was as many organisations, in their drive for efficiency, are phasing out point solutions that perform different aspects of – overall – the same task.  Platforms that offer multiple functions with common manageability are becoming more popular in order to roll out new services more quickly and flexibly. 

At F5, we have taken this approach for a number of years.  We work with and are certified by the world's leading technology companies to provide our customers with exactly this overall concept, whether you’re implementing VMware of Microsoft Exchange.

Here’s a very simple example – a Tech Fact from the independent customer surveyors TechValidate, regarding Microsoft environments. 62% of companies surveyed (the entire survey includes 364 anonymous F5 customers) to confirm that they were able to reduce 10% or more of CAPEX using their F5 solutions:

Take a look at how we can support you in achieving your efficiency goals with our strategic technology alliances.

Published Apr 29, 2013
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