Technology Alliance Partnership Update Week of September 14th 2012

This week I am going to review the recent announcement from Infoblox announcing its management integration with F5 Global Traffic Manager.  For those of you unfamiliar with Infoblox, they are the leading provider of IP Address Management (IPAM) DNS and DHCP.  They provide customers with a physical or virtual appliance that simplifies the management of infrastructures whether physical or virtual. The recent announcement of Load Balancer Manager (LBM) extends this functionality to simplify provisioning and management of your entire DNS infrastructure.  The extension of Infoblox to the management of BIG-IP GTM means that your entire DNS infrastructure can be managed from a single management UI thereby reducing your overall DNS management overhead.

It is important to note how well the integration was designed.   First Infoblox planned to perform the integration via iControl and will support both versions 10.2 and 11x of TMOS.  Secondly the integration ensures a bidirectional synchronization to push and pull configurations.  That means that if a user were to change the configuration on the GTM those updates will be updated on the Infoblox Grid.  What this means for customers is that the power of a single management interface can be combined with the performance and scale of BIG-IP GTM for a complete, multi-site DNS solution. 

Published Sep 10, 2012
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