Lightboard Lessons: Solving The Problem Of TLS Visibility

The F5 SSL Orchestrator (SSLO) provides a powerful solution to the problem of TLS encryption visibility. Most of the traffic on the Internet today is encrypted, so organizations have to figure out how to reliably inspect that encrypted traffic. Some solutions require a "daisy-chain" of security devices to inspect the traffic, but the F5 SSLO allows encryption/decryption to happen in one place. The SSLO "orchestrates" the traffic by implementing policies that direct traffic to one or more of the security devices depending on what type of traffic it is. The SSLO also solves the problem of cipher diversity by offering one set of cipher suites to external devices and another set of cipher suites to internal devices. Learn about all this and more as we outline the details of the SSL Orchestrator!


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Published Dec 10, 2018
Version 1.0

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