Lightboard Lessons: Introducing the F5 ACI ServiceCenter

F5 and Cisco are reinvigorating the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and BIG-IP joint solution to give customers L4-L7 capabilities within APIC with speed and flexibility, via the ACI App Center. As the leading SDN solution, Cisco ACI uses a policy driven, data center approach that allows IT teams to rapidly provision and scale network services. Cisco’s ACI App Center is an innovative platform enabling its technology partners to build ACI applications that simplify and enhance joint solutions.

The new F5 ACI ServiceCenter is powered by the ACI AppCenter. F5’s app provides a direct, fluid, and efficient way to provision application services in ACI and BIG-IP deployments.

The F5 ACI ServiceCenter runs natively in APIC, providing the administrator a single point of automation and visibility for L2-L3, plus L4-L7 infrastructures. With this solution, F5 enables enhanced ACI-to-BIG-IP visibility, network stitching capability, and application services to ACI workloads.

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Link to F5 ACI ServiceCenter App:

Published Feb 05, 2020
Version 1.0

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