F5 Device Package for Cisco APIC - leave no app behind! [End of Life]

The F5 and Cisco APIC integration based on the device package and iWorkflow is End Of Life.
The latest integration is based on the Cisco AppCenter named ‘F5 ACI ServiceCenter’.
Visit https://f5.com/cisco for updated information on the integration.

We are in the age of the partnership. I don’t think any single vendor claims to be all to everyone’s requirements these days. Sure, sometimes vendors get a little caught up in their own worlds, instead of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, but this is a dangerous approach to take for the ‘bigger picture‘ is increasing in size, something made abundantly clear when you look at the journey from server virtualization to Software-defined Infrastructures over the last 10 years. The ‘point solution’ project is a thing of the past and today we align technology solutions much closer to business goals. There’s a big world of many conflicting variables to evaluate and, while the guys behind the Swiss army knife might disagree, there is no ‘one ring to rule them all’ in todays datacenter.

Partnerships are responsible for bringing us many of lifes great joys. Some of my favorite examples: cheese & wine, Oreo flavored Ben & Jerry’s, and the Audi R8 (part Audi, part Lamborghini). Contrary to these strokes of absolute genius, it would be wrong of me should I fail to mention there have been some epic failures, too. Don’t forge the ‘Suck Kut’ from the opening credits of cult-classic, Wayne’s World!

The key element of a fruitful partnership is simple. Synergy - the formation of a relationship whereby the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The resulting value must not be merely simpler to adopt than the alternate. A worthwhile partnership should far outweigh any other option!

The collaboration between F5 and Cisco goes far beyond a press release and a few tweets. Through our joint efforts we have drastically increased the solution landscape by linking the deployment and management of our respective network and application services enabling joint customers to dramatically reduce time-to-market for newly deployed services, significantly reduce risk through the removal of touch points and management silos, and substantially improve time to react in the face of both controlled and unforeseen circumstances.

Today we announce the release of the F5 Device Package for Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller and the road to synergy between network and application services ensuring no application is left behind in an age of fast, available and secure delivery.

The F5 Device Package for APIC lets customers configure application policies and requirements for F5 appliances across L2–7 fabrics. This ensures that applications receive the services and resources they require throughout the network, while also enabling organizations to automate systems for further efficiency and cost savings.

Speed your delivery, de-risk your deployment, and improve your time-to-value. Get your SDAS on and take a look for yourself:

The F5 Device Package for Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller ™ (APIC) is now available. To download at no cost, please go to  https://downloads.f5.com/esd/productlines.jsp

Further resources:
Cisco Alliance page - https://f5.com/partners/product-technology-alliances/cisco
Cisco page on DevCentral - https://devcentral.f5.com/s/cisco


Published Aug 12, 2014
Version 1.0

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