Update your DevCentral user profile

Once you have created a DevCentral account, you can update your DevCentral user profile in order to customize your site experience. 

Update your profile

In order to differentiate your profile from others, and to get customized content on your home page, click on your profile avatar in the top right of the page and go to your Settings:


  • Change your username at any time, update your email and email preferences


  • Preference Options allows you to select your time zone and language
  • Display – want to see things in a linear or threaded way? Change how many topics you see per page? Here’s where to customize.
  • General – decide how you want read posts to be marked, and if you want topics shown by original posting date or most recent
  • Linear Layout
  • Threaded Layout (default)
  • Home Page
  • Privacy
  • Private Messenger
  • Kudos
  • Events


Differentiate your account from others by adding a profile picture. 

  • From the Community, upload your own image
  • From my Albums (every photo you’ve uploaded to DC)


  • Tagging Options
  • Tags


  • If you find yourself typing the same response a lot, you can create a Macro. These are canned replies which, once created, you’ll see it as an option when you create a post. Users can have up to 9.

Subscriptions & Notifications

  • Manage any subscriptions and bookmarks, notification settings, and email format.
Updated Jun 05, 2023
Version 2.0

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