DevCentral Connects hosts Capture the Flag!

The DevCentral Connects team is excited to host a Capture the Flag event later in June! To get an invite to join the competition, make sure to join the DevCentral Connects group and comment on the Capture the Flag! post. 

We'll get the competition dates nailed down in the next week, but here are the details:

  • This CTF will be an individual exercise hosted in the F5 UDF environment. By commenting on this thread, we'll add you to the list and you'll get an invite to the competition.
  • The CTF will be open for a few days, so you'll have time to work around your responsibilities.
  • This first CTF is not F5-centric, just an opportunity to grow or flash your red team skills against a very flawed web application.
  • There are no prizes associated, but we'll highlight the podium finishers on the DevCentral Connects live stream

We know this community is a force for learning and we hope you'll join us later this month!

Updated Jun 01, 2022
Version 2.0

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