Remove X- Headers From Web Server Response

Problem this snippet solves:

Remove any X- header from web server HTTP responses

Here is a simple iRule which removes any response header from the pool which starts with X-. The goal is to prevent users of the application from learning details of the application architecture from these user-defined comment headers.

Code :

   # Remove all instances of the Server header 
   HTTP::header remove Server 
   # Remove all headers starting with x- 
   foreach header_name [HTTP::header names] { 
      if {[string match -nocase x-* $header_name]}{ 
         HTTP::header remove $header_name 
Published Mar 18, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • Thank you hoolio. This is great. I have implemented as is for the purpose of testing and confirm that this worked without any changes. I will modify exactly what headers it targets depending on our needs.
  • Be aware, that remove all x-* headers cant be allright with all cases. With this rule is remove header "X-UA-Compatible" header, which can has some render issue for web apps.