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Mar 19, 2024

validity for - 101 application delivery fundamentals exam


I just passed f5 101 and I was wondering how long it is valid?

For reasons that are not worth mentioning here, I need to switch my focus momentarily to some other technical topic.

I'd like to come back and take at least the 201 exam, but I'd like to know how much time do I have?

I've looked for how long is 101 available but I couldn't find any info regarding this, hence my post here.

If somebody can point me in the right direction please let me know!


Thank you in advance!


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      Hi Kendall

      Thank you for your answer, but it doesn't really reply my question or the K90101564 is confusing - I am not certified, I just passed f5 101 exam hence I'm in a 'grey' area not covered by the KB.

      I want to know when is the last day to pass the 201 exam for which 101 is still considered valid. If the same period applies and I can postpone taking 201 up to 2 years minus one day from the day I passed 101, that's OK but I haven't seen it anywhere written.

      Is this the case?

      Thank you again!


  • Hi

    I checked the Candidate portal and I see under f5 201 exam the following:

    so I believe it's correct, I can take it before 18th of March 2026 - so 2 years.

    Should be clear now, but I would still update the K90101564 to state that 101 exam is also valid for 2 years. Just to make it 100% clear, since as I said, in my opinion it falls in a 'grey' area, not actually being certified by passing it.

    Thank you.