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Dec 31, 2010

What will happen if we edit the wideip.conf file in GTM ?

Hi Team,



i want to know what may happen if I edit the wideip.conf file in GTM and make additions. Will anything break?? Just wanted to check with you folks. Will it be functional??


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  • It shouldn't break provided the syntax is correct but you have to be careful not to make changes via the GUI and by directly editing the file - otherwise you can get into a real nightmare.



    I definately recommend backing up the wideip.conf so you can quickly revert any changes.



    Let us know how it goes,



  • This is not a clear explaination of the question asked I believe. Well adding my Question which looks similar



    In the LTMs for >=10* version when we edit the bigip.conf file we follow the changes by bigpipe command "b load" this if syntax is right will update the configuration.



    What is the equivalent of the "b load " in the GTMs for >=10* version. Will it be like b load again ??
  • No.. for the the GTM config to be updated when updating the wideip.conf the command is



  • yes once you have edited the file properly and you do a gtmload it will be fine....but be very careful while doing this changes because if in case any special character or something wrong gets appended to the file it may cause configuration sync issues with your sync pair.
  • Hi sprashanthac,


    I believe what you are asking is to make some addition to this file like you want to make some new enteries as per your requirement and see if it is operational all at once or not. If you make any entry in the file from the GUI it is operational all at once.... anything else you wana know????