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May 29, 2018

Verifying CN received (client auth)

Hi guys,

I'm trying to verify client auth certificate and using this iRule, but from the logs I can see it's always Accepted even though my trusted_certs only has 1 CN;

i.e: my trusted_certs is "CN" = "" ;

But even if I send it still says Client Certificate

if { [SSL::cert count] != 0 }{
    set cert [SSL::cert 0]
    set subject_dn [findstr [X509::subject [SSL::cert 0]] "CN=" 0 ","]
    log "Client Certificate Received: $subject_dn"

if { ([matchclass $subject_dn contains trusted_certs]) } {
    log "Client Certificate Accepted: $subject_dn"
    } else {
        log "No Matching Client Certificate Was Found Using: $subject_dn"

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  • Hi Blakely,


    Yeah I tested that too. Still the same (I better change my code snippet, as I know matchclass uses the $:: object)


    and the data group is there..



    I can't seem to include any arguments after data-group


  • It's an external file, so you can't list the contents. Try:

    cat /config/filestore/files_d/Common_d/data_group_d/\:Common\:trusted_certs*
  • Apologies, due to organization rule, I can't divulge the full CN.

    The trusted_certs only contains 1 single line as above. So I created a self-signed cert and key using openssl and send it to the Virtual Server with command:

    openssl -s_client -connect host:port -cert -key

    This is what I see from F5 logs:

  • I think what is happening is:


    The way you created your datagroup has created a datagroup element with a name of "CN" and a value of "3456.xxxx.yyyy.zzz".


    Your extraction from the certificate is CN=1234.xxxx.yyyy.zzz


    So the contains match is for "CN", and will always match. You can create your datagroup without the CN= element at all, or specify the -value specifier to match on the values.