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Mar 18, 2024

vCMP host and guest modify management IP



I need help to modify the management IP of vCMP host and guest and migrate them to  new subnet.


Existing Setup

Two vCMP host on different chassis both having management IP from the same subnet 

vCMP host 1 management IP:

 vCMP host2 management IP


There are multiple guest on each of these vcMP host which are in HA setup. They are  bridged and have management IP configured within the same subnet as vCMP host.

vCMP guest1 management:

vcMP  guest 2 management :

New Setup

I want to move them to new subnet but again both host and guest will be sharing the IP from the same subnet .

If the new subnet is then :

vCMP host 1:

 vCMP host 2,

 vCMP guest 1 :

 vCMP guest2:


My question is can we change the host IP first or guest? Will changing the host IP affect the guest?

What is best practice and sequence of steps to follow?


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    Been a long long time since I had to change the management IP on a vcmp host and guest. 

    I'd configure the host first and then the guests. Just make sure you have console access to the host first or timing gets a litte tricky (Although you could do

    1. change IP on host
    2. move mgmt interface to new vlan
    3. connect to host on new IP and reconfigure the guest management ip



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      Thanks Hamish. 


      One  of the vCMP host has active vCMP guest. Any idea what precaution is required to so that trust and other setting should not having issues  between vcmp  Guest on active and standby when changing  the IP of the vCMP guest?


      I can check and confirm the F5 version but I guess it is 17.0