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Jun 25, 2012

v11 GTM with v10.2 LTMs




has anyone got an environment with a mix of versions between GTM and LTM.




Are there any special steps that have to be taken?


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  • I have this set up, dont seem to remember of anything of note.


    However, we did have problems with the SSL certificate used for iquery between the LTM and GTM but this was down to how I generated the certificates on our CA, they need to be a server and client certificate.


  • There is no problem with this configuration. When you do the bigip_add from GTM, it will install any necessary big3d updates to your LTM 10.x devices.
  • Will Device Trusts and/or Device Groups need to be setup for iquery to work?
  • Device Groups are not necessary for GTM if utilizing multiple standalone units (versus an HA pair, which for GTM, is less common), it uses a sync group between peers to share the GTM specific configuration.
  • If there are 2 units of GTM in a syn-group where 1 with v10 and 1 with v11, is there any problem with this setup except for zone file doesn't syn?
  • I never had much success with multi-version GTM sync groups, but perhaps that has changed in the later versions (bulk of my prod experience was on 9.4.x). I'd lab that out before trying.
  • Will the certificate depth need modifying? I can't see this setting on v11.



    I'm asking as I have been testing this setup out and I can't get it to work.