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  • Update: Hopefully I'll have an updated pyControl out soon with v11 support, as well as some other minor enhancements. I'll work on it this weekend.


  • Hi Matt,



    I would also love to see an updated version of pyControl. If you need help testing I would like to support you.






  • Hey Gang: a couple of things. First, pyControl that you've got today actually "supports" v11, you just have to do it manually by modifying the Suds client object (via its setoptions() calls). The changes I started on way back basically was a convenience wrapper around the v11 session calls.



    The truth is that I'm not in a particularly good position to work on it, and while I've got a rough-and ready version out, I've gotten literally *zero* feedback on its functionality from the few folks I've sent it to. This isn't a good way to iterate, so I let it drop.



    That said, I'm willing to try and get this going again, but as I mentioned I have no v11 access at all, and I've got at least two other projects (I'm one of the folks involved with the ExtraHop API, which is very cool :) ) that I am juggling so time commitments are a real challenge for me.



    My pyControl effort, since day 1, has been a good-faith effort and I just haven't gotten the support from folks that I need to keep the faith, as it were. No sour grapes - I totally understand that folks are busy, am am I. I'm genuinely stoked that people are still using pyControl, and I'd really like that to continue, but in a more removed role because it deserves more than I can give it right now. I need commitments for help at this point.



    All that aside :)



    Thomas: hit me offline at mcauthorn at gmail dot com and I'll send over what I've got. It's likely to Just Work.



    --Matt Cauthorn
  • I have access to v11 on LTM appliances. Wouldn't mind helping you out on a test suite.
  • Thomas: just sent you the module. Also, I am setting up a git repo for this so folks can download / add / fix / improve the library. Long overdue. I'll notify once I've got it out there.



  • Here you go:



    Have at it. Please issue pull requests if you make changes. Early v11 session support (untested really) is there,


    pass in sessions=True as a kwarg when you instantiate the client.





  • hey guys, just a note that a new python library is now available, called bigsuds, for download over in the download folder. I converted a few of the pc2 scripts to bigsuds and will continue on more as I have time. Article on the differences and links to the scripts in the codeshare: