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Feb 18, 2010

uri query question

I am new to irules and hoped someone could lend a hand. The idea behind the irule I am trying to write up is that when a request comes in, the irule pulls out a certain name=value pair and then routes that request using modulus.



Here is what I have so far.





set baseip "10.1.1."


set baseoctet "25"


set basepool "app_pool_1"


set modulus "2"


log "URI: [URI::query [HTTP::uri] "rx"]"


set key [URI::query [HTTP::uri] "rx"]


if {$key != ""} {


set key [expr {$key % $modulus}]


set newoctet [expr {$baseoctet + $key}]


set memberip "$baseip$newoctet"


log "memberip: $memberip"


pool $basepool member $memberip:80







What I have found is that "rx" is not an exact match for a name. If the name is "trx" it will also match. It seems to be some sort of a regex. I have tried a few methods of regex, like "^rx", but none have limited the results to just "rx". If rx is found anywhere in the UI name values it is considered a match.

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