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Apr 28, 2011

UDP redirection

I got a situation where a Juniper VPN client installed in a PC in our LAN would dial the VPN server which is external to us.I have configured a VS in F5 and attached a pool (say 'nic ') which has VPN server IP as it's member.Now when the Juniper client dials VS IP the traffic should get redirected to the pool 'nic' .This setup works succesfully for a http request through an iRule.The same has to be done for UDP traffic.Is an iRule needed to do this?



Got an another query....can a natting be done on F5 the sameway, for same purpose, as we do in Firewall?



Thank you




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  • Hi LK,



    You could define a separate virtual server with a UDP profile to pass the UDP traffic.



    Yes, LTM can perform NATing. Generally we recommend a one to one virtual server as that gives better control over which ports are used and which source addresses can access the virtual server.