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Jan 20, 2023

UCS deleted automatically

Hello everyone,

A few days ago i noticed that my ucs files were deleted and everyone on my team says they didn't delete anything so i assume that the ucs files were deleted automatically.

I have a few questions about this:

¿Which log file can i consult to know when the ucs was deleted?

¿Where can i verify if some configuration is deleting the ucs automatically after some time?


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  • VictorRuiz From my understanding the LTM does not automatically delete UCS files so if it was being deleted automatically it would be from a cronjob. You might try looking in /var/log/audit but that's a guess because I can't remember the exact file. The following link has some additional information on the different log files and what they store. You will have to go back through the archived log files and see if you can find when the UCS was deleted for the respective log which is audit.