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Mar 05, 2024

stalled/blocked request



My short topology:

client browser->F5->IIS servers

I have a .Net web application. Randomly some request is in stalled/blocked state in browser. 

For example:

I can see a request that spend 7 minutes in stalled state and then it is processed less than 1 second.

I can't see high cpu, memory, connection load at this time. The peak connection is 4k, but I think it is not too high.

At same time I can see lot of success request also.

I think the request is waiting for something on my F5, but I don't know for what. Could anyone help me how can I detect the reason?

My opinion is that I reached the connection limit but I can see any error message in log about it. How can I check it?



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  • if have not, enable Oneconnect in the virtual server config to reduce number of server side TCP connections.
    you can simply use the default Oneconnect profile.
    i have seen downtime in a big telco service provider was solved simply by enabling it.


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      Thanks for you idea. But it is already set up.


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        in that case, you should do tcpdump in f5 and also check the webserver.

        it is also possible that the webserver gets slow response from database servers, storage, etc.