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Jun 15, 2022

Speed up action on Node with BigIQ API

Were trying to perfrom automation on our BigIQ platform but we are facing some issues when performing an action like Disable/Enable/Force-Offline a Node. It takes 5+ mins for the whole process to complete which is very long for a user.

When we try to disable a node using the API or on the BigIQ (using "Deploy immediately") it takes about 5+ mins to complete. From the logs, we see that ADC Discover Config Task runs immediately after starting the task to disable the node which is causing the delay. How can we prevent the node discovery task to run so we can speed up the action performed on the Node? 

Note that disabling/enabling/force-offline a pool member using the self service is fast and I dont see the ADC Discover Task run.

Things I've tried but to no avail.

Using the API settings below:

           'skipDistribution': False,

           'skipVerifyConfig': True,

On the GUI under deployment:

Method: Selected Deploy Immediately


Any suggestion and recommendations that can help speed up this process or how to skip the node discovery to run?



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  • Hi Nikoolayy1 , no not yet. How does this affect the sync between the BigIQ and the BIG-IP LTM when changes are made to the BigIP? When this is enabled, does it mean that the REST API calls that will be use are those that are for the BigIPs and no longer the API for BIGIQs correct?

    • As article is detailed it shouldn't affect the Big-IQ or BIg-IP still better test with an F5 virtual machine trial license on-prem in VMWARE or AWS and play first with it.


      The F5 BIG-IQ proxy is just to proxy the f5 BIG-IP REST API commands as you add the device id in the URL path when pushing REST API commands.


      The ADC Discover Config Task seems to me normal to run when using the BIG-IQ to control the F5 devices as someone may have modified the nodes directly from the F5 BIG-IP GUI, so better to discover the config again just in case.


      Another option is for the server/web admins to dissable the nodes with a special response health monitor string:


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        Thanks for the info Nikoolayy1, we'll try and test it out and see if it resolves our issue.

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