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Sep 26, 2011

SOAP Monitor -

Afternoon, Group -


I've been struggling for the past several days trying to get monitor working for a webservice we provide.


This involves POSTin a SOAP message to the service. I can get this to work using cURL from the LB, using Fiddler from a Windows box, and using wget from an exteran box, however, I cannot get this to work as a 'Monitor'.



It appears as though something is being appended to my SOAP request that isn't visible in a (cursory) packet niff.



I thought I recalled seeing something awhile back about CRLFs being appended... does anyone recall this, and is there a reference to a KB article anywhere ?



thanks !!

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  • I found this info, as a comment from Aaron . Is this attached to a KB or anything I can take back to my boss ? Sounds like an 'External' monitor is my only hope ....

    As described in CR97857, the monitoring daemon, bigd, appends one or more extraneous CRLF's to the TCP, HTTP and HTTPS monitor send string. As RFC2616 states there should be no CRLF following the POST body, using an HTTP or HTTPS monitor with a POST request will result in a request which the server *may not* see as valid. In that case, you'd need to use an external monitor.

    If this is something you'd like to see fixed, you can contact F5 support and request your case be attached to the CR. 
  • Hi Randy,



    As of 10.2.0, bigd no longer appends any CRLF's to the monitor send string so this should work if you are on 10.2.0 or higher:



    sol10655: Change in Behavior: CR/LF characters appended to the HTTP monitor Send string




    If you're already on 10.2.0 and you've captured a tcpdump of the failure, you could open a case with F5 Support to get help diagnosing the issue. Here is a link with some additional troubleshooting steps:



    sol12531: Troubleshooting health monitors