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Jun 10, 2020

Sideband Irule optimization timeout

Dear All,

I have a sideband call

which is used in the Access Profile handling and references the Irule attached

to the virtual server, which is all working well, we send the request and

receive the server response data. The problem is the peek status timeout is

causing unnecessary delay.

The question is how could we speed up the retrieval of data by forcing the F5 irule script to process the response immediately and not having to wait for the configured peek timeout to pass?

We tested also witout the peek timeout but by default it causes more than ten second delay, if you configure it too low then it could not always retrieve the server response payload. Isnt there are smarter way to not introduce this fixed delay for the sideband data retreival to be processed immediatly when data is received?

proc sidebandCall { Cred } {
	set oauthResp ""
	if {[catch {connect -protocol TCP -timeout 5000 -idle 5 -status oconn_status} oserver] == 0 && $oserver ne "" } {

		## create GET request
		set odata "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nAppid: appid\r\n\Accept:application/json\r\n\Authorization: Basic $Cred\r\n\r\n"
		log local0. "GET / HTTP/1.1;Host:;Authorization: Basic $Cred;Accept:application/json;Connection: Close"
		## send the request
		send -status osend_status -timeout 5000 $oserver $odata
		log local0. "request sent"
		## recieve the response
		set Resp [recv -peek -status orecv_status -timeout 1500 $oserver]
		log local0. "server resp: $Resp"
	return $Resp
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