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Oct 13, 2023

Rewrite profile statistics in ltm


I have some rewrite profiles attatched to LTM virtual servers. I don´t know if they are being used and I would like to delete them if they are not being used. Is there a way to let me know if these profiles are being matched?

Thank you very much.


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  • Hi, when I run the command I always get the same:


    L4 Statistics:
        Client Request Bytes:   0
        Client Response Bytes:  0
        Server Request Bytes:   0
        Server Response Bytes:  0

    L7 Statistics:
        Client Requests:        0
        Client Responses:       0
        Server Requests:        0
        Server Responses:       0


    So, I can´t know if the profile is doing anything. Any ideas?


    Thank you.

  • If you want to check profile-wise (cumulative info with all VS's) you can run show ltm profile rewrite <profile name> CLI command and see if it has matches. This commands returns matches in a "counter" form.

    If you need to dig deeper into a specific VS, the same info should be available with the show ltm virtual <name> details CLI command. [EDIT: this has LOTS of infos on all profiles, so I'd recommend appending the  | grep "Rewrite Profile" -A 20   syntax (where 20 is the number of lines to be shown) to only match the info you need ]

    It's a counter as I said, so you'll probably need to check it a couple times --let's say after a week or so, depending on how often this service is contacted-- to check if it had increased.