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Aug 07, 2011

Reset LTM VE to factory

Anyone know if its possible to reset the LTM VE to factory defaults? Looks like the F5 way of resetting to facotry defaults is to image2disk with a secondary partition. The VE doesnt seem to have a second partition.



Anyone done this? I guess I could just snapshot it in VMWare, didnt think of that before hand though :)

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  • How about bigpipe import default, this will erase all configuration, except for your mgmt configuration.
  • Trying LTM VE 11 on ESXi 5 and wish to reset the configuration, to confirm that it is the Hypervisor causing the problem.



    Seems the command is


    tmsh load sys config default


  • what problems are you seeing? BIG-IP VE 11.0.0 should work on ESXi 5


  • For us the Uplinks get lost when moving the VM from esxi4.1 update 1 to esxi5 build 474610.


    It seems to be a problem with the vmxnet3 adapters as they have no mac address after moving the VM.


    Moving back to esxi 4.1 does not solve the problem. You need to shutdown the machine, start it up, shut it down and start it up on esxi4.1 to get a mac again.



    Any suggestions?
  • I'm having this exact problem on v11/fusion 4, I get a load of smbios errors on boot and the NICs always show as uninitialized even with a vlan and self ip configured.
  • hi boomchke - i'm experiencing the exact same problem (only on v10) and have a case open with F5. if you're still interested, see link below for more details...