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Jan 24, 2012

Relational class or tables

We are running v9.4.8.




I am looking to create a relation based class, not sure if this is a function of a table in v10.




the relation is that I want a way to evaluate more than 1 criteria for a class in relation. I know I can create 2 classes and have the irule match both, but the problem I run into is that the group of users may not all match the group of commands to be matched on.




In the example below I want to match testsuser1 on commands 1 and 2, but testuser2 should only match on command2. It is not scalable to create multiple matching classes for every user as the list is dynamic and will be frequently updated via api. At times there could be 2 users or there could be 15 users. Same with commands.




class penatly_box {


"testuser1" "command1"


"testuser1" "command2"


"testuser1" "command2"







Is there a function that exists to handle these relations?








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