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Jan 11, 2023

Redirect all URLS's from one domain to another domain with same subdomain

Hi All,

Looking for Irule to redirect all URLS from * to *
where * can be anyting and only this * part will be same in both.

Thank you


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      Hi Mohamed,

      Thanks, Given irule i already have on many VIP's, which is for individual URL redirection, but in this i am looking for redirection from * to *, where * can be anything.

      how would i catch * prefix coming in and then put that value into redirect * ?

      for examples redirect,, so on to,, so on. with URI path as well.

      • Hi Ayush07 , 
        Well, sorry for miss understanding. 
        I have simulated your scenario in my lab and I achieved it. 
        so look first at my lab environment and Check my script for your Environment : 
        > My lab iRule : 

        and This is the iRule Result : 

        where "shopping" is the Fixed part and I swapped the rest of host part , after that I redirected to new host.

        > and now I have written this iRule to match your environment , in the same way I hope it works with you : 


        when HTTP_REQUEST {
        if {[HTTP::host] contains ""} {
        HTTP::host [string map {"" ""}[HTTP::host]]
        HTTP::redirect https://[HTTP::host]


        Try it and keep me updated