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Feb 29, 2012

Reactivate license from cli?

I have a 1500 running LTM 9.40 which is broken so I can't get to the web GUI, but I do have console access to the command line.



I don't need it fixed as I want to upgrade it to 10.1 and use it as DR.



Is there a way to re-acivate the license from the cli or would I be better resetting to factory defaults and starting from scratch. Or something else? Presumably if I did the latter I could obtain a new license from my third party supplier or F5 direct. It's still under support should I need something else.





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  • New license received from F5 support, just needed to be copied into /config and the server rebooted.
  • Hi,


    follow the below link to activate license key by command line.