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Mar 29, 2012

Pulling off a sideband check in v10




I need to figure out a way to do the following on version 10:



As a request comes in, check a third-party, outside webservice (not on our network but reachable) for the word "success" on their webpage. If it's there, then send them to our virtual server A, if it's not, then send them to our virtual server B (both A and B are on webservers sitting behind our LTM).



I know this could be accomplished with a "sideband" connection (, but that is only available on version 11 and we are on version 10 and without adequate time to upgrade.



Couldn't this be accomplished with a virtual server with a pool with that third-party server as its only member and a monitor looking for the word "success" and then some kind of simple iRule-based redirect to a different virtual server should that one be down?



In short, is there any way to pull this off at all in LTM v10?










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  • Hi Lon,



    You could use HTTP::retry if it's HTTP/S traffic: