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May 16, 2024

Problem with Terraform + bigip_ltm_node



I want to manage nodes on a F5 BIG IP VA ( Version ) with the Terraform bigip_ltm_node module. 

That works so far, but I have a strange problem:


1.    I have created a node with the Terraform resource bigip_ltm_node:

So far, so good. 
2.    Than I have started a “terraform apply” without any changes, but the Terraform is always claiminig that the ip address is configured with an “%1” at the end and wants to remove the “%1”, which is not possible. 

The information about the ip with %1 is obviously coming from the F5, so it seems like a kind of a bug ? But in the F5 GUI or CLI the ip address is configured without an “%1”. 

 Does anyone has the same problem ? 



F5 BIG IP VA: Version 

Terraform v1.6.4

Provider bigip v1.22.0


Thanks a lot. 


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  • Try to create ramdom node and still issue persist then it will be bug in F5 terraform module. Here you can raise bug with proper evidence.