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Jun 28, 2012

possible to load balance rsync?

I've googled and googled but can't find any good info on load balancing rsync.

I want to put 2 rsync servers behind a TCP port 873 vip to balance the load from many clients. I plan to use source address persistence (sticky).


Anyone done this? Is it possible?


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  • I found a couple of folks talking about it - and Proceed with caution in rsyncing DBs / mailboxes without locking them down first is the general consensus. Works for static files, like config files, which I thought would be the case.
  • yes, I came across those posts as well and they seem to be talking about balancing postfix, not rsync.

    Guess i'll have to keep digging and/or just try it and see what happens.


  • i understand there is only one connection between client and server, so i think normal tcp virtual server configuration should be working fine. or did i miss something important??