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Oct 26, 2014

Plain Text Formatting with VPE email agent

When email is sent from the VPE email agent, it is formatted as Plain Text. I would like to add a carriage return-line feed after the first period in the following example:


Logon by %{session.logon.last.username}. Client Platform is %{session.client.platform}.


I have tried \r\n with and without both single and double quotes but whatever I type simply becomes part of the email body. If there is no way to do this can I somehow change it to html or is that a completely differntly field in the message header?


APM 11.5.1




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    Currently it is not supported. There is feature request been raised for this. May be you can raise a support case.


  • any news about the feature request in 11.6.0 HF5 or in 12.0?


  • I had a requirement to send an email with an attachment using a bash script and in doing so discovered that the email message could also contain html formatting. I used Mark's HTTP Super SIDEBAND Requestor to call the script to send the email. Once you have this setup you can simply call it from an irule event. Definitely not as easy as filling out a box in the VPE but it works well once the heavy lifting is done.

    Here is a sample script which simply paints a number blue – I think it demonstrates the capabilities…

    (echo "Subject: Your Secret Password "
    echo "To:"
    echo "Content-Type: TEXT/HTML; charset=US-ASCII"
    echo ""
    echo ""
    echo ""
    echo "Your password is: 12345"
    echo "
    ") | sendmail
  • It is working as expected, I added the "html code" and the sent email with VPE SMTP Email Agent.

    The result was as expected ! The formating was following the HTML syntax put in the message

    One-Time Password: <b> %{session.otp.assigned.val} </b><br><br>
    Expires after use OR in %{session.otp.assigned.ttl} seconds

    The result is as expected "bold" for the OTP & two new lines were added because of the double <br>