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Jun 02, 2011

Persistence using Jsessionid in the HTTP path

Hi ,



I am trying to acheive the session persistence using the following IRULE assigned to Universal persistence profile(checked - Matched across the services)



In the VS - default persistence is Universal and fallback is Source_addr affinity.



The application is not working Eventhough the IRULE matching the string (identified using the stats and logs) and the logs mentioned using the persistence record from the path .



The Tcpdump on the servers show the traffic from the specific Jsessionid is round robin between the servers .



The irule i used for persistence is attached to this discussion forum.



Please advice me the recommended configuration






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  • Hi Raj,



    What do you see in the logs when the failure occurs? Do you have a OneConnect profile added to the virtual server? This is necessary whenever you're doing per HTTP request persistence. If you're using SNAT on the serverside connection, you should use a /0 source mask on the OneConnect profile. If you're not doing source address translation on the serverside connection, create a custom /32 source mask OneConnect profile and add that to the virtual server.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Enabling the oneconnect profile fixed the issue.



    Thanks again.





  • Hello,



    I am also having the same problem in my case ,i am seeing the hits on irule but i don't see any persistence record in "b persist show all" and i am not able to do the persistent .



    In my case one web server is calling a APP VIP it not the browser ,Please suggest .