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Aug 23, 2017

Performance Graph : Throughput

Hi Team, What is the meaning of "Service" in the throughput graph. I can see the "Bit In" and "Bit out" are overlapping but the "Service" line peaks far higher than IN and Out line during the midnight time. What does this mean ?


Thanks much!


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  • Can you provide the graph snapshot and code version that you are using ?


  • I know this post is old, but I was looking for the same thing and found this thread. After searching a little further I found this article: K50309321.


    Service: The larger of two values when combining either Client Bits In and Server Bits Out or Client Bits Out and Server Bits In




  • Usually the graphs for "in", "out" and "service" overlap more or less as long as the in/out volume is similar.

    Recently we noticed high spikes for "service" traffic on the active unit in a device group where mirroring is enabled for some virtual servers (in PerformanceL4 mode). At the same time we noticed high CPU and problems with some applications handled by the BIG-IP.

    So perhaps the "service" traffic includes as well the mirrored traffic. I´m under the impression, that the mirroring failed somehow and caused the CPU and throughput (service) spikes.