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Oct 17, 2011

NTP Health Check

I am setting a VIP to load balance our NTP servers (3 servers)and i would like to find a way to do a custom health check for NTP. I found the one on devcentral (ntp_mon) but it looks like you have to tell the script (ntp_mon) the ip address of the NTP server.



I want to assign this monitor to the pool and not to the node itself. Does anyone know how i would set this up?





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  • Hi,


    just replace two lines in the script



    my $node = $ENV{"NODE_IP"};


    my $port = $ENV{"NODE_PORT"};



    my $node = $1


    my $port = $2



    The LTM monitor system will pass the IP address and the port (of a pool member) as parameters to the script, which is $1 and $2 in the script.




    Kurt Knochner