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Feb 08, 2012





we have ntp server which map to pool. we have create VS for this pool. All network device pointed to this VS to sync the time. we want to configure Health check for these server



these server are windows server. Please suggest if you understant my problem








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  • Here startum value 11 is ntp server value ?yes.



    I applied this script with 2 stratum value because ntp serever have value 2. it saying node is Available. its working ?is it down if you shut down the ntp daemon?
  • Hi Nitass,



    I can not shudown the NTP deemon. it is production. is there any other way to check




  • if i were you, i would create a new pool with member which does not have ntp daemon. then assign the monitor and see whether it is marked down or not.
  • Hi, Has anybody has any luck getting NTP monitoring working on 11.5 or 11.6? I've tried to follow this thread but no joy.


    Thank you, Andrew