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Sep 30, 2010

Network Map on a Virtual Server

The only attempt at this I have seen is the award winning Pool_Member_Status iRule. That ones does not cover my needs, mainly what Node is up behind a particular Virtual Server, just like the LTN Network Map.



I would like anyone to be able to view a Network Map like interface without having to actually log into the device.



I spent some time beating on the original Pool_Member_Status and came up with this:


(Please don't laugh, I suck at coding and only even attempted this out of necessity)



Rehash from the Pool_Member_Status deployment guide with necessary modifications



1. Create a file in the following path on the LTM






which contains:





b db bigpipe.displayservicenames false


bp virtual | egrep -e "POOL|VIRTUAL" | awk '{print "\""$1":"$2":"$3":"$4":"$5":"$6":\","}' > /var/class/virtual_status.class


b load


exit 0



2. Change the permissions by entering:



chmod +755 /etc/cron.daily/virtual_status_list.cron



3. Create a external datagroup



Main >> Local Traffic >> iRules


Select Data Group List


Click create


enter name: virtual_status


enter Type: External


Path / Filename: /var/class/virtual_status.class


File Content: String



4. Code is attached along with screen shots of sample output



Apply to a Virtual Server and hit the URL with "/status"



Any help cleaning this up would be greatly appreciated. Could probably be about half the size.



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  • You will need to download the attachment (right click - save as) and change the extension to .txt to view the code.


  • This is exactly what I was looking for! However, I must be missing something because it's not quite working for me. Forgive me, I'm very new to all of this.



    I can see the virtual_status.class file is populated with what looks to be good data. I have an external file data group list called "virtual_status". I have an iRule called "virtual_status" that has the contents of your .txt file. But when I browse to my virtual server, I only get the code at the top of the page (F5 Load Balancer Status -


    Tue Oct 12 16:41:05 CDT 2010) and no virtual servers or pool members.



    Any thoughts as to what might be missing? I was able to get the Pool_Member_Status irule to work, but like you said, it didn't have exactly what I was looking for.



  • Hi Jpolivy,


    First off, excellent mod of the pool status irule. I was hoping someone would take the next step towards a different view of the Network Maps. You should post this up on the code share and also make note of which version of the LTM this is running on.





    I think the problem maybe that you are running on a version of LTM where the output of the command



    bp virtual | egrep -e "POOL|VIRTUAL" | awk '{print "\""$1":"$2":"$3":"$4":"$5":"$6":\","}'



    is different then the LTM that Jpolivy is running on.



    The iRule will have to modified to pick up the suttle differences depending on the version of LTM you are using.



    I hope this helps