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Oct 25, 2020

Multiple Route Domains in same partition

Hi all,

So my doubt is, if there is anything wrong in creating more than one route domain in partition common?

I want to create Route Domain 3 ( 0 is the default and already exists), in order to separate the routing table of a VIP/Network, that will be created for Internet traffic only.

For what i know i will have to create:

1 - Vlan

2 - Route Domain

3 - Assign created Vlan to Route Domain

4 - Self IP like and assign created Vlan to it.

5 - VIP like

6 - Nodes -

7 - Static Route - Gateway


Is this correct or do we got to have anything more in attention? Is it better to create a partition for it, os its fine to just have the 2 route domains in same partition?


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  • Multiple Route Domains in same partition: Its possible, You can create as many routing domain in same partition. Not an issue.


    Steps which you have mention is correct.

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    I would recommend to use a new partition, vlan and route domain.

    In general you would on each device for your device group:

    Create new partition 'Internet'

    Move to partition 'Internet'

    Create the new vlan(s)

    Create the new Route Domain ID=3, Strict Isolation, Partition Default Route Domain, selecting the vlan(s) for it

    Create the new self IP(s), local (on all devices) and floating (on Active Device)

    Add default static route on the active device.

    Synchronize the configuration changes from Active Device.


    You can then create any object from the new partition and it will automaticaly be associated to the new route domain and be isolated from objects configured on the default partition(Common) and route domain(0).


    Hope that helps.