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Nov 20, 2010

Multicast Network Failover Verification

I would like to setup Network Failover using Multicast entries in Big-IP. However I am curious to know what is the best way to verify that it is working?



There are the Bigpipe commands:


*bigpipe failover list all


*bigpipe failover multicast peer all show


*bigpipe failover network failover show



however these don't really tell me that the two HA peers are communiticating over the multicast address...



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  • umm.. if u wanna see multicase packet, is tcpdump acceptable?


    tcpdump -nni eth0



    btw, do u have any specific problem about network failover via multicast address??
  • i am more after the ability to verify on the F5 that the 'heartbeats' sent to the multicast address are being successfully accepted and processed e.g. is there a counter or stats or display of the status of the network failover? in addition to being able to see the multicast traffic on the management interface
  • the thing i can think this time is "b ha table" and "b ha table peer". however, not sure if it is what u r looking for.